Animal abuse We must close all slaughterhouses

>>> The L214 combination takes its name from Article L214-1 of the Rural Code in which the animals are first designated as “sentient beings” in French law.

>>> The association is one of the opponents of the farm called Thousand Cows, in the Somme. She has also just made public a video of animal abuse in a slaughterhouse Mauleon (Pyrénées-Atlantiques).


The Amiens court refused this week independent expertise of the farm called Thousand Cows that you claim. What do you make this decision?

The court refused our request on the grounds that the veterinary checks already exist and that breeding is under surveillance. We can obviously not content with that argument because we can not rely on an opinion based on limited controls, very irregular and predictable. If this type of control had occurred for example slaughterhouse Mauleon, cruelty we have to bring to light would never have been revealed. Regarding farm Thousand Cows, we seem to find ourselves faced with a black box. We know nothing of space per animal or their actual living conditions and the lack of evidence available does not inspire optimism.

Your association, L214, has just released a very shocking video on animal abuse in a slaughterhouse. What does it do you think to avoid this kind of thing?

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It’s very simple, you have to close all slaughterhouses. These are by definition violent places where you give permission to kill with knives, obviously against the will of the victims. These killing of images are of great cruelty and mark the opinion. It is urgent to open the debate. Moreover, the small measures announced by the Minister of Agriculture (note: Stéphane Le Foll ordered inspections in all abattoirs) will not help.

According to the union of veterinary public health inspectors for controlling slaughterhouses, such abuse cases would be “exceptional”, and not really representative of reality. What do you think ?

We obviously do not agree with this view. We have evidence relating to other abattoirs who report cases of abuse. This is a fact, moreover, that the veterinary services are understaffed and that the controls are insufficient and ineffective. Only our infiltration methods and the use of stolen images allowed to expose these cases of cruelty.

Behind the fight against animal abuse, your will-it is not just to advocate for veganism, which you claim you?

The simple act of recognition that animals are sentient beings (Article L214-1 of the Rural Code to the origin of the name of the association) should actually lead us to change our practices. Eating animals is not a vital need. Research has to make huge advances in nutrition and it is now clear that we can have a varied diet without having to eat living things.

Is it not a sweet utopia?

No more than when some, in another era, began to question slavery. The fight against some traditions is not merely a utopia. Seen for example with bullfighting or unearthing badgers.

If we will follow your logic, man is an animal like the others who can assume the right to hurt an animal for food. Is it in this case prohibit cats eat mice?

It is a philosophical debate that can go far, yes.

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