The coffee would reduce the risk of colon cancer

A US study revealed some health benefits from coffee, finding that two and a half cups of espresso or filter coffee could significantly reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. To conduct their research, scientists from the University of Southern California (USC) have studied a group of 5. 145 people with colorectal cancer, and another group of 4,097 participants who did not have this disease, to control group office. Sick people were diagnosed during the six months preceding the study. Questionnaires and interviews about the each of caffeine consumption have established the frequency of coffee intake and also their preparation (espresso, instant, decaf or filtered).

After taking into account other cancer risk factors, scientists have found that even one to two daily cups of coffee could reduce the risk of developing colorectal cancer by 26%. And when coffee consumption was over two and a half cups a day could reduce the risk by 50%. Although the levels of beneficial components found in coffee vary according to the type of coffee beans, their roasting and preparation of the drink, the results showed that no matter the type of coffee or chosen preparation, even the instant coffee produced a beneficial effect on the body.

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And although caffeine can act as an antioxidant and prevent the potential occurrence of cancer cells in the colon, the conclusions of the study also showed the benefits of decaffeinated preparations on the subjects. “We were surprised to see that caffeine did not seem to matter,” said author Stephen Gruber. “This suggests that caffeine alone is not solely responsible for the protective properties of the coffee.” The professor still insisted: “We need to conduct further research before recommending the consumption of coffee as a preventive measure.”

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