Cristiano Ronaldo has the number Jennifer Lopez

In France, it is not well known, but when James Corden decided to unearth the secrets of the stars, nothing stops him! Not even J-Lo. Their meeting leads to an improbable interview where we learn that the Latin bomb and Cristiano Ronaldo are great friends!

Despite his international star status, Jennifer Lopez knows how to laugh herself. And when it’s James Corden, stars seasoned interviewer decides to unearth the secrets of Jennifer Lopez, the bomba latina has no choice but to lay down arms and return to the presenter delusional universe. The concept of James Corden? Ride with the stars to make them sing their own songs and confide their lives. And no doubt, with J-Lo, the bet was more than successful! Indeed, if we knew Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Jenner very accomplices, one learns when James grabs the phone beautiful than any Hollywood is in his repertoire. But not only ! Since the famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is among the contacts of the singer that slides very friends, they exchange messages at other times.

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But the most unlikely friend of the beautiful, it is in the world of film found it. An actor who has Hollywood at his feet, recently receiving an Oscar for The Revenant. Leonardo DiCaprio J-Lo seems actually very accomplices. For proof, when James Corden decided to have a little fun posing for the singer by sending a text message to Leo, the actor reacts almost immediately of the funniest ways. “Hi baby, I feel that I need to clear my head. You got any suggestions? Tell me. Signed J-Lo from the Block”, he wrote. Jennifer Lopez, died laughing, can not prevent anything. Response of the actor: “You mean tonight ‘booboo’ You want to go clubbing?”. Leonardo DiCaprio does not lose the north … A trade that will change the interest Jennifer Lopez’s ideas that had less to laugh, lorsqu’i a few weeks ago, his suit creaked on stage and revealed his buttocks. We also learn that Leo called megastar “booboo”. A cute little name that almost blush beautiful … you dream of having the same directory as Jennifer Lopez?

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