EnjoyPhoenix: Youtube star guide teens on TV

Montreuil in the small TV studio where turns are “#SoyLunaLeMag by EnjoyPhoenix” – tonight at 19 h 20 on Disney Channel – there is one side “Top Secret”. The Disney people who have debauched the YouTuber to animate a TV mag afraid that the presence of Mary (Lopez, his real name) attracts hordes of fans. But for now, the atmosphere is quiet. On board, we kindly drive Mary to the headset, all summer in little shorts ( “Soy Luna” happening in Argentina) while in Paris, the February weather is chilly.

Although “Soy Luna” does not land in roller skates (that’s the idea!) That on April 18, issuing Enjoy Phoenix offers “tutorials” (note: tips sequences) mode and Deco around the series. Hence the hypercolor√© decor where she explains how a “dream catcher” ribbons.

Of invited fans

“Oh dear … How I say it all at once …” worries sweet Mary whose style recalls the “pin up” for years 1 960. For a first TV, the girl is doing well, as if by some fans rave invited (s) here to make up the numbers. “I’m his videos since the beginning,” says a blonde saleswoman at Sephora. “She has a real influence, calling his client looks. ”

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Tutorials in his room to Lyon tutorials on camera, Marie took the plunge brilliantly. His shyness? This is what pushed her, says she us because she was lonely. “I was harassed at school and I did not dare tell my parents. The videos have helped me to reach out to others and also to show other teens in trouble we can get by. “And the fame? She opens her doors (Disney, “Dancing with the Stars” on TF 1), but it is also “a little scared” whispers one who confesses to pay attention to its output hours to avoid crowds.

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