Funeral of Rene Angelil: Quebec limit fees

The Quebec government has ended the controversy on Thursday the cost of “national funeral” of René Angélil. He announced support for just under 50. 000 (33,900 euros) to 700,000 Canadian dollars (475,000 euros) for funeral expenses of the deceased impresario and husband of Celine Dion.

Montreal 98.5 FM radio was reported Thursday morning that when Quebec has proposed “a state funeral to the family of Celine Dion” is Production Feeling, Celine Dion’s production company and René Angélil, who immediately ” took things in hand. ” Production Feeling sent a bill to the Quebec Ministry of International Relations in the amount of 700,000 dollars (475,000 euros), the radio said, quoting diplomatic sources in Quebec.

“An amount of 49,770.76 Canadian dollars will be paid upon receipt of a cost list Production Feeling”, told AFP François Caouette, spokesman of the Ministry of International Relations. “The cost of renting the church, the flowers, the photographer, the obituary, the condolence register … everything component is paid by the government, in terms of other aspects, this falls under the family of the deceased, “he said.

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The company Celine Dion invoiced including hiring a private security agency, while the state had deployed a large police contingent, the radio said. “The Government of Quebec has never received a bill itself, by Production Feeling against various costs engendered around the funeral of René Angélil and established a list of costs which was presented to us,” said the spokesman word of the Ministry of international Relations, François Caouette.

The Quebec government is wont to pay between 45 and 75 000 for “national funeral” and decided “to stick to what we usually pay for this type of funeral”, he assured. Neither Production Feeling nor spokeswoman Celine Dion wished to comment Thursday. The discrepancy between the list of costs and practices in force against has triggered many reactions in the media and on social networks.

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