The legendary Guns N ‘Roses back on stage in Los Angeles

Guns N ‘Roses, the American hard rock legend, made Friday night their back on stage, meeting for the first time in over 20 years, with a surprise concert in Los Angeles in the small room that launched their careers. The reunion took place at the Troubadour, the legendary West Hollywood club where 500 fans were able to see on stage alongside the singer Axl Rose and guitarist Slash, reunited in public. Videos posted on the Internet show Axl Rose, 54, long hair but without his usual bandana, with Slash, wearing his top hat eternal.

“You know where you are?” Rose yells after her unique voice a resounding “Welcome to the Jungle,” one of the greatest successes of the group, according to an excerpt of the concert filmed by a fan.
The concert had started at full speed with “It’s So Easy”, a piece with which the “bad boys” of LA have often started their concerts, according to testimony posted on social networks. The Friday night concert ends years of rumors about a meeting of this mythical group, which has sold over 100 million albums worldwide since its formation in 1985.

Earlier this year, they had announced that they would meet later in April for the famous Californian festival Coachella, bringing together on stage for the first time in more than two decades, his singer Axl and guitarist Slash. The hard rockers had then announced a summer tour with over 20 dates in the US and Toronto in Canada and Mexico. But suspicious detail, no passage was provided by Los Angeles, yet their hometowns. Friday, their fans were initially suspicious of the surprise announcement, the April 1, entitled “April’s Fool?” written on the homepage of the official website of the group.

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But the news was soon confirmed. “Guns N ‘Roses in concert!” Wrote the American group on a poster put online, saying it would begin “at any time after 11 p.m.” at the Troubadour in West Hollywood.
“From the guys that will bring you the most chaotic tour 2016”, they also wrote on the poster, adding that tickets would go on sale (one per person) for only ten dollars. Hundreds of fans, dressed in T-shirts Guns N ‘Roses, soon flocked to try to snatch a ticket at the point of sale near the Troubadour, but many people come away empty handed, resigned to wait until the night before the club hoping to capture some musical notes.

With a capacity of only 500 people, the Troubadour has an important place in the world history of rock and pop: the British Elton John has played in its infancy and the Americans Eagles met there at the bar.

And that’s after a concert on its small stage that the Guns had won a contract with Geffen Records in the mid-1980s, when Hollywood was the epicenter of heavy metal. Fruit of this union, the album “Appetite for Destruction” released in 1987, still holds the record for the best sales for a first album. But tensions between Axl and Slash, fueled by an excess of past life on tour on the road, had pushed to the breaking of the group, whose members have played together for the last time in 1993 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Axl Rose is already back on stage with other musicians but the juicy deals that meet were far failed to bring the two legendary group members together on stage. On Friday, the group announced the details of its North American tour, including all concerts will be in stadiums, far from the intimacy of the Troubadour. The big piece of the tour “Not in This Lifetime Tour” will begin in Detroit on June 23 and end on August 22 at San Diego. Guns N ‘Roses have announced three dates only from the United States, on 19 and 20 April in Mexico City and July 16 in Toronto (Canada).

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