Melissa Theuriau Says I dream of horizons

Rewarded with a trophy of La Parisienne, influential women, Melissa Theuriau produced a documentary about miscarriages, broadcast on Planète +.

The opportunity for La Parisienne with a beautiful encounter.

“La Parisienne” You produce a documentary aired on Planet devoted to legal errors, with Florence Break. What interested you about this?

Melissa Theuriau: My relationship with Florence Break made me aware of the brutality of an injustice. I admire his fighting. She taught me a lot without realizing it. Face the gaze of others, to rebuild when it lacks so many pieces to the puzzle … His need utility gave me the impetus to think this collection. I wanted everyone to speak again, and we take the time to listen without interrupting.

Why the choice of Florence Break?

It was her or anything. It is not a journalist, she needed to give a voice to other victims to advance itself. All have agreed to meet even the most resistant to the media.

You are producing documentaries in recent years, what attracted you to this job?

Freedom. I choose every film I produce. I go through hard times as it takes a crazy energy to convince a diffuser. But every documentary is a stone in my search for meaning. I feel help illuminate complex subjects.

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“Each documentary is a stone in my search for meaning. I feel the help illuminate complex subjects ”

Do you regret not introduce TV show?

No, I have no regrets but sometimes desires, of course.

What are your other projects?

A doc on the integration of political refugees in small towns of France. We understand the difficulties migrants face, but we also realize that they crave to survive, work and educate their children without the fear of dying. I also have two other films on location: one on education in Montfermeil, and another a genius algorithms. Paris exhilarating that make me feel better!

Are you tempted by fiction?

Yes. I write my first film, a comedy about the difficulty we have to live without guilt. Men are less affected by this curse! This is a doc adapted from the book “No more than 4 hours of sleep,” Marlene Schiappa.

How do you see yourself in 10 years?

I did not see me at all there 10 years ago. So I signed right away to not know where I’ll be in 10 years.

What would you do that you have not yet had the opportunity to do?

From a year or two with my family to discover other horizons.

“I oscillate between these two sensations of being an unfit mother and a great mother! ”

How do you organize your life in your shootings and your personal life with two young children?

I feel guilty, like all women trying to balance their personal lives and their professional lives. But hey, I have a crazy luck, that of being helped. So I can go three days in the week without it being too restrictive. And I can take my children to school in the morning and have dinner with them at night.

What kind of mom are you?

I do what I can, I sometimes find myself remarkable, I think even “what chance have these children to have a mother like me! “And I also involves less glorious moments when I regret to miss patience, not being quite there when they need me. In short, I oscillate between these two sensations of being an unfit mother and a great mother!

Is it more difficult you believe to be a producer when you’re a woman?

I do not live like that but, generally, it’s harder to be a woman.

You would you run a chain later?

No thanks.

Change the subject: your preferred style of clothing every day?

Sportswear. Jeans, flat boots, sweater.

Are you the type to open your wardrobe and declare, “This is horrible! I have nothing to wear ” ?

I’m the type to find that nothing fits me and lose precious time devaluing me! Well, fortunately, I know also have fun by dressing me on some occasions.

What do you do to relax?

I run, I swim and go down the Pic Blanc glacier in L’Alpe-d’Huez soon as winter gives me the opportunity.

Are you become a pure Parisian? Or have you longing for the province?

I will never be a true Parisian, and that’s why I love this city so much. But my mountains I miss them very quickly (she was born in Echirolles near Grenoble, ed.)

What you value most and what we do not like in Paris?

The architecture, the beauty and history of Paris. This is the most beautiful city I know. I like less traffic, pollution and the grayness around him too often.

What do you do when you’re not working?

I stroll in bookstores, I go to the theater, cinema, I workout, I drink glasses with friends, I saw, what!

At lunch time, where can you cross?

In the spring, I love the terrace of Paparazzi, opposite the theater Edward VII. One can enjoy delicious pizzas from the noise and pollution.

Your favorite bookstore?

La Fontaine bookstore, Avenue Victor Hugo. I go every week. They have sharp selections for children. I can order confidential books, old or out of print, they find me!

Last book you read? The denier film seen at the cinema? Your favorite series right now?

“The Mirror of Simple Souls and annihilated,” which earned its author to be burned in 1310. I expect the second season of “Bloodline” on Netflix. And my last film in the cinema, it was “The Cow”, Mohamed Hamidi.

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