Renaud I have long been a stranger to my son

April 8 out the sixteenth album highly anticipated Renaud, Still standing. In promotion, he told a few words to our colleagues from Paris. Without filter, it says it all: hell he comes back, which saved him and what drives today.

Just a few months we did not give expensive skin Renaud. It was from him that his friends worried about his condition. Last summer finally, Grand Corps Malade was exploding announcement: he was able to motivate the artist to write. It remained skeptical until the very noticeable output last few weeks of his single, Still standing. Buoyed by the joy of the fans to finally meet their idol, the title won an incredible success, and Renaud is still extremely moved.
It must be said that comeback. When he returned to the studio last September, he was “still in a liter of pastis day” he recalls. After 20 years of life “lost to drink to your heart,” Renaud has decided to seek addiction specialist. When one has predicted a cardiac arrest within eight days, it was the trigger: “I was very scared. I stopped drinking dry too. “Because if see all these young artists take over its shares in the band Renaud prompted him to return to the song, it was not enough to soothe his addiction.

Now sober for the “six months and twenty days” as he proudly recalls, it measures how much alcohol he stole her life. Ladies first: “The couple life, I’m not good at that. I lost two wives. Finally, lost … “Because if Dominique Lanvin and Romane Serda are both still very present for their ex-partner is the alcohol that put an end to the relationship they have met with the singer.

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But his greatest regret is vis-à-vis its children Renaud expressed. Today it welcomes its youngest, Malone, 10, no longer called “Renaud” but “Papa”, he takes her hand and kisses where a few months earlier he reproached to “feel the beer.” “I have long been a stranger to him (…) this album, I wrote a little for him too.” As for Lolita, 35, Renaud proves that it is still time to be a good father. His daughter coming, he said, to separate from her partner Renan Luce, he decided to sell his precious collection of Tintin comics to allow the young woman to “redeem the home she shared” with the singer.

Rid of its old demons, Renaud is full of new energy, the same that allowed him to return in 2002 with hell Boucan. But this time he promises, it’s for good: “Everyone talked about rebirth, phoenix. I went out in a few weeks and I plunged. But today, I come back stronger than ever. “And to those who doubt the singer opposes a mountain projects, starting with an autobiography, a children’s album whose music has been entrusted to his former son-and a film in which he will have the lead role in writing Gustave Kervern and Benoît Delépine.

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