The true-false picture of Reda Kriket: an unlikely blunder

Reda Kriket man is right, black and white. And that is Le Petit Journal de Canal +, which in its Thursday issue, revealed this colossal mistake … the media concerned are nevertheless not responsible. The color photo was indeed presented as official by the police, who had themselves received from the Interior Ministry. In fact, it was even broadcast from the beginning of the year in all police stations, via the opinion research Reda Kriket. On the card, information about the jihadist are correct; but the picture is that of another man.

Police blames the false Kriket

An informed source tells “the Obs” the place of the events that led to this mistake: there are more than a year, a young man from Courbevoie (as Reda Kriket) call was made for made of low gravity. Police he would be called … Reda said Kriket. He was photographed and registered under that name in the file TAJ (Treatment criminal record, former File Ariane). Where judicial proceedings opened in November 2015 against a near Reda Kriket for acts of terrorism, the judge asks that a wanted notice of the latter is attached to the file. The officer in charge of the operation would have typed “Kriket” in the TAJ and the first photograph appeared that would be the wrong Kriket … that would be found in the warrant. The alert is then distributed as such to the police by the Ministry of Interior.

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“I took care of a cat” in custody, Kriket as strong as Jawad

Three months later, it is the investigators of the folder that realize the confusion and restore the true picture … But the damage is done. When the identity of the jihadist arrested March 24 revealed in the press, the picture is experiencing a second life in many web media, paper and television. JT TF1 and France 3 broadcast it, and the paper edition of “Paris”, as recalled by Le Petit Journal.

Counsel for the man victim of confusion, however, contacted the “Obs” to challenge this version of the misunderstanding: it block denies that his client will be passed to Reda Kriket when arrested. He indicates : “All this is humbug. This man is from Courbevoie. It is never passed for Kriket, who is very experienced services for a long time. It would be foolish of him!” So it would be after him to an error police … According to information from the issue of Canal +, this man, “innocent until proven guilty” and “thrown to the lions” for several days, could complain to claim compensation from the State and the media who associated with a figure of European jihadism.

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