Véronic Dicaire: 100 votes to mimic dream of a child for 40 years

From 8 to 13 April, she will be back on stage at the Grand Rex. Able to imitate more than one hundred votes, Véronic Dicaire is a real phenomenon. Meet the most Parisian of Canadian women. She gives her appointments in a hotel in the Rue Jacob (sixth) she likes to install when she lived in Paris.

It is preparing to fill the Grand Rex for the second time. And for good reason: his stage performances sidèrent by their energy, humor and perfection. Attending a show Véronic DiCaire is to see Christine and the Queens, Beyoncé, Madonna, Celine Dion … together in the same show. We tousled spring!

The full Grand Rex in January, a triumphant tour, a special evening “show DiCaire” on France 2 (it was March 12) and again the Grand Rex from 8 to 13 April the France-she saw a DiCaire mania ?

(Laughter) It’s true that I feel good at home. The public is incredibly friendly, and I think he’s happy when he moves to the provinces. People who come to me are parents, children, grandparents, forcing me to unite everyone to Louane, Christine and the Queens Tina Tuner or Mistinguett!

You control a hundred voices, how did you discover your gift?
I started as a singer, but already little, I imitated my teachers, actors … Over time, I joined imitations in my show. One day Rene Angeli [the husband of Celine Dion recently deceased] asked me to do the first part of Celine, and when I saw the audience to get an ovation, I understood that my career was limitation.

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You make real scenic marathons, how do you maintain your voice?
I have a monk’s life (laughs). I play sports, I sleep, I watch my diet … Before a show, I heated my voice for 45 minutes. After I speak little. Although the comparison may seem pretentious, a voice is like a formula 1. It must be paid at least accurate. When I come back to Canada, I’ll see my singing teacher. And it helps me to adjust when it drops too low or rises too high.
Are there any voice you would like to emulate?
That of Zazie. We met there recently. She is very funny and I intend to work on it quickly.
And one that gives you the most trouble?
Barbra Streisand, I must often listen to the well “capture”.
And children in?
Not easy, of course, with my lifestyle. But I just had 39 years and, with Rémon, my husband and manager for 23 years, we say that we will start thinking about it. Next year, for my 40th birthday, it would not hurt…
How do you feel when you are not on stage?
I have a house in the Laurentians. There, the finished shoes and makeup! I love to cook and prepare great meals. And if you spend unannounced, you could find me on the tractor or with my chainsaw (laughing)!

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